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Purple Root Studio

Custom Coaster Set (6 coasters)

Custom Coaster Set (6 coasters)

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Laser Engraved Coasters.
6 different designs included in the set of 6 coasters.

Choose a theme or send your theme idea to
Engraved on 3mm MDF wood, alternative materials are available, feel free to contact us at

Choose your own shape:

  1. Circle: A classic choice, circles are simple and effective for coasters. They provide a clean and functional design.

  2. Square: Another straightforward option, squares offer a clean and modern look. They work well with various designs.

  3. Hexagon: Hexagonal coasters add a touch of uniqueness. The six sides can create an interesting visual pattern when arranged together.

  4. Octagon: Slightly less common than squares or circles, octagons bring a touch of elegance to your coasters with their eight sides.

  5. Custom Silhouette: Consider using a custom silhouette that is meaningful to you or fits a specific theme. This could be an animal, an object, a symbol, or any other shape that holds significance.

  6. Geometric Patterns: Combining multiple shapes to create intricate geometric patterns can result in visually striking coasters. For instance, you could interlock triangles, squares, and hexagons to create a mosaic-like effect.

Each and every item is custom made to order. The production/packing lead time is approx. 3-12 working days depending on the order volumes, design process and stock availability.
Once production is completed, your order will be shipped.

Lead times may be longer in SALE periods.
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